The IWAS Powerchair Hockey

Qualification tournament 2019 for the European Champion 2020

October 8 – 14, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

For the first time in history, The Czech Republic got the opportunity to hold an important national tournament. The conditions for holding the qualification tournament 2019, such as the sports hall, accommodation, logistics were approved by the Sport Executive Committee IPCH.  

Czech Union of Disabled sportsmen and Czech federation of Powerchair hockey were entrusted by the IWAS and IPCH organizations to organize this event.  

Powerchair Hockey Prestige  

Organizing qualification tournament 2019 in Prague increased the prestige of Powerchair Hockey in the Czech republic but also abroad and supports this unique sport in the Czech republic and Slovakia.  

Programme of the qualification tournament 

The program, which will be held in the sports facilities in Trebesin, will be divided into two parts: qualification and competition. Qualification contains the health condition check of the players including their technical equipment under people in charge from IPCH. The aim of the qualification is to achieve fair development of the competition. The sports program will take place on Friday and Saturday 11. – 12.10. 2019. Each team will play against each other twice with the objective that the overall winner will be the one who passes to the European Championship.  

If you can take part in the qualification tournament in person, you can watch it on live-stream 11. -12. 10.