Czech Republic

The Czech national team has been preparing for the comeback to Europe for three years. Until now, it has been part of European Championship in 2005 in Italy (6th place) and 2008 in Belgium (7th place). They have never been part of qualification tournament. In the Czech Republic there are five teams playing. Every year Prague holds international tournaments called Prague Cup a Prague Powerchair open.


Slovenia will take part in the qualification tournament for the second time. Last time they played against Spain in 2011, they won and passed on to EC2012, which took place in Finland. In Slovenia, there is only one team which regularly takes part in international championships and tournaments and in their national kits also representative matches.


Spain has got the most teams from all participant countries, so also the highest number of players. Teams mainly play in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. In 2014, Spain took part in EC in Netherlands (8th place). Spanish teams take part in club tournaments in Netherlands and Italy.