National team

The national team represents the highest level of the powerchair hockey in the Czech Republic. We are responsible for the required equipment, we are organizing regular workshops and we are striving to participate on behalf of the Czech Republic in the highest European and worldwide competitions.

  • fully qualified national manager

  • regular workshops

  • experience: European Championship 2005, 2008, 4 Nations Tournament 2013, Powerchair Hockey games Curych 2018

Czech Powerchair Hockey league

As of 2008, we are managing the Czech Powerchair Hockey league, in which at this moment are actively participating four teams with overall 40 players. The playing season is divided into the spring and autumn part, each consisting of 4  separated rounds and it is concluded by a final play-off.

  • 5 teams

  • 40 players

  • 4 tournaments + 1 Play-off

International tournaments

International tournaments are offering the valuable sporting experience to the Czech teams. They increase the level of the Czech powerchair hockey and they bring unforgettable memories to the players. That is one of the reasons why we support Czech teams in participating in the tournaments on the international level. Teams Jaguars and New Cavaliers Prague are organizing their own international tournaments Prague Cup and Prague Powerchair Open.

  • Prague Cup (od roku 2009)

  • Prague Powerchair open (od roku 2010)

  • Popular tournaments: Euro-cup, Munich cup, international tournament in Zürich, International E-hockey tournament Eindhoven


We promote powerchair hockey through exhibitions, presentations, distribution of promotional materials and cooperation with the local media. We welcome an opportunity to introduce the powerchair hockey among new players as well as wide public. We are seeking as well more volunteers, referees, managers. For the special schools, rehabilitative institutions and organizations working with people with the impairment of moving apparatus we organize meetings and presentations of the powerchair hockey. All these activities are free of charge.

  • exhibitions

  • meetings and presentations

  • workshops course
  • media

Assemblies and summer camps

Assemblies and summer camps are part and parcel of our sporting activities. There is an open assembly happening once a month in Prague which offers to attendees from outside Prague and new players to learn more about powerchair hockey. All the Czech teams are organizing or participating in the summer workshops and camps. These events consist of training activities as well as friendly meetings and spare time activities.

  • monthly assembly in Prague

  • summer assemblies and camps

Workshops courses

The level of powerchair hockey is important to us. That is the reason why we offer training to referees, managers and to volunteers a programme “Trial Assistant”. All the training are lead by an experienced certificated trainer.