Electrical wheelchair along with the hockey stick and the ball consist of the basic sports equipment of our players. Sports wheelchair is not only a condition for the players but as well their advantage. All new players start in their own or borrowed wheelchairs and only after some time they can get a special wheelchair that will open new horizons for them.  It all depends on the individual abilities and requirements of each player.

At the moment the only constructor of special powerchair hockey wheelchair in the Czech Republic is the company Athamas, s.r.o., distributor of PRIDE wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are used by more than a half of our players. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your own sports wheelchair.  Specifications of the special sports wheelchair:

Specifications of the sports wheelchair PRIDE

  • speed up to 15 km/h

  • efficient batteries 75 Ah

  • motor and electronics cooling

  • strong construction, stability

  • individual adjustments

  • professional maintenance


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