Czech powerchair hockey federation (CPHF) is an official body created and registered under the Ministry of defence Czech Republic on the 3rd of January 2007 under the number VS/1-1/66 127/07-R (since the 1st of January 2014 the registrar of institutions, #L 65124, Municipality court in Prague).

Mission and goals of CPHF

The mission of CPHF is to create suitable conditions for the powerchair hockey advancement in the Czech Republic. It is as well responsible for linking up and cooperation on an international level. One of its main goals of CPHF is to increase the adoption of this sporting activity to the widest possible audience among the wide variety of disabled persons. This applies to disabled individuals with the highest degree of disability as the range of sporting activities for them is very much restricted.

CPHF aspires to promote powerchair hockey and to present it as an attractive sporting activity. The attractiveness of powerchair hockey is increased by organizing local Czech league competitions and preparing an official Czech national team to be sent to European and world championships.

The responsibility of CPHF is among others as well to publish official technical and sport decrees such as the rules and their amendments.


Exists since 2008. The league season is divided into autumn and spring sections and consists of individual league tournaments organized by participating clubs and the final tournament of the Play-off. The Czech Powerchair Hockey League is played by forty active players.

The national team represents the highest level of the powerchair hockey in the Czech Republic. We are responsible for the required equipment, we are organizing regular workshops and we are striving to participate on behalf of the Czech Republic in the highest European and worldwide competitions.

Czech national team participated European Championship 2005, European Championship 2008, Four Nations Tournament 2013 and International Powerchair Hockey Games 2018 in Zurich. The best result is 6th place at the European Championship 2005 in Rome.

International tournaments is organized in Prague every year by czech clubs: New Cavaliers (Prague Powerchair open) and Jaguars (Prague Cup). Czech teams participating tournaments in Germany or Switzerland, Belgium, Netherelands or Italy.

We offer promotional materials, presentations and exhibitions. We welcome any opportunity to introduce our sport to the public or potential players.

All Czech teams organize or participate summer camps. The events includes training plans and, friendly matches and an another program. They are held at selected summer camps or sports centers every year in summer moths.

The quality of our sport is important for us. That is why we organize workshops for referees and coaches. In workshop are teaching  certified trainer and referee.